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What are the materials of the clothes?

Different clothing types are made from different materials. Here is a list of our material composition per item type:.

Tips to care and extend the life of your clothes

For detailed directions on how to care for your gear, always check the care and content labels.Turn your clothes inside out and wash them with other similar fabrics. Avoid washing them along with anything abrasive, such as denim or clothing with Velc

What is the sizing of the belts?

The sizes vary from small up to 2XL. Below you will find the sizing descriptions: XS (21in - 31in) Small (27in - 36in) Medium (31in - 40in) Large (35in - 44in) XL (39in - 58in)2XL (45in - 52in)ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WHEN MEASURING FOR A WEIGHT BELTWe

How long does it take to create the belts?

Each belt is handmade and takes a lot of man-hours to complete. There is a 6 to 8-week lead time on each belt.